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MoceanSMS Manager (Web to SMS)

Mocean SMS Manager enables you to send SMS to any mobile phones worldwide, anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a PC / notebook with Internet connections. This easy to use web-application is perfect for enterprises, executives and individuals who want an instant and hassle free alternative to mobile phone SMS sending.

This powerful SMS tool supports both one-to-one and bulk message sending to thousands with just a few clicks. Purchase SMS credits online and start ‘texting’ your customers, patients, students and anyone with whom you need to stay in contact.
 Below are some of the basic features :
  • Group Messaging / SMS Blast
    Allows you to send up to 15,000 SMS with one click
  • Personal or Group Address Book
    Equipped with unlimited entries, you can add, import, edit, delete, and manage your contacts and groups in your address book
  • Easy to Use
    Send text messages anytime, anywhere from the convenience of any PC/Laptop with Internet connections
  • Unicode Support
    Send messages in multilingual characters
  • Message History
    Keep track of what, when and to whom your messages have been sent
  • Schedule Delivery
    Scheduled message delivery to allow campaign/event planning
  • Sender ID
    Flexible Sender ID settings to cater for different messages
 10 Reasons to Join Mocean SMS Manager:
  • Save money and time - Saving money and time off your mobile / office phone calls!
  • Fast and Convenient - Instant message delivery to thousands of recipients in a few clicks! – save time and money!
  • Increase sales and respond rates by reaching your customers directly through their hand phone!
  • Can use it Anywhere, Anytime – As long as you have a PC with Internet connections!
  • Corporate budgeting with our secured, prepaid or monthly subscription services.
  • Feature packed service - Schedule delivery, address books, message history, support Unicode, auto-grouping, auto-birthday greetings, and more!
  • Use it to maintain customer relationship & data mining!
  • Customer Care is always there to help you!
  • Fast Start - No development cost, the service will be ON in minutes.
  • Enhance corporate image with state of the art messaging services and customized Sender ID.
 SMS vs Traditional Channel
MoceanSMS helps enterprises, professionals and agents to stay in touch with clients, members, colleagues, suppliers and friends. MoceanSMS is ideal for:
1. No additional Ad development cost, no additional printing/paper cost, no additional delivery cost (envelope, stamps, or hire professionals to distribute the flyers). – Save Cost (only per sms charges)
2. No waiting time to design the art-work & have it approved, no printing time and don’t have to wait for people to distribute the flyers / mail delivery time. -- Save Time (SMS will be delivered almost instantly)
3. Don’t have to worry that the distribution team didn’t distribute the flyers properly / whether they did distribute the flyers. (All SMS reaches the destination mobile number)
4. How many recipients really ‘read’ your flyers/mailers? (SMS recipients have to read the SMS before they decide to either save or delete the message)
5. How many recipients willing to take the trouble to cut down the ‘coupon’/’voucher’ and bring it with them wherever they go? (SMS recipients can easily SAVE the mobile voucher and carry it wherever they go, and when they happen to be at that particular shop, they can use the voucher to enjoy the discount / free gift / other benefits.)How many recipients willing to take the trouble to cut down the ‘coupon’/’voucher’ and bring it with them wherever they go? (SMS recipients can easily SAVE the mobile voucher and carry it wherever they go, and when they happen to be at that particular shop, they can use the voucher to enjoy the discount / free gift / other benefits.)
6. SMS recipients can easily forward the SMS to their friends / colleagues that are interested in your products / services / events. This helps you to spread your ad / multiply your ad on its own.
7. How many people have an active e-mail account and really check their e-mails everyday? (Almost everyone carries a mobile phone nowadays and they will read the SMS received before they decide to either save or delete the message.)
8. Instead of making phone calls to prospects/customers and interrupt them in their meeting, just send SMS to them and they can choose to check it at their convenience and respond to it later. Also, SMS is a lot cheaper than mobile phone calls.
9. In order to stay-in-touch with your clients and prospects, you might need to give them a call/send them greetings from time to time. Instead of using a lot of your valuable time & money in preparing the greeting cards and actually send it to them (that might end up in the dustbin anyway), just send them an SMS Greetings! – Faster, easier, cheaper.
10. Instead of using your mobile phone to send SMS to all of your clients/prospects/colleagues one-by-one, just use Mocean SMS Manager to broadcast SMS to all of them in one-click!!
We always offer a very competitive SMS rate for our customers. The cost per SMS text message depends on which country you are sending to and purchase volume. Email: sales@bulksms.com.my to enjoy good rate from us now.
 Coverage Country
Bulk SMS Afghanistan, Bulk SMS Albania, Bulk SMS Algeria, Bulk SMS Andorra, Bulk SMS Angola, Bulk SMS Anguilla, Bulk SMS Argentina, Bulk SMS Armenia, Bulk SMS Aruba, Bulk SMS Australia, Bulk SMS Austria, Bulk SMS Azerbaijan, Bulk SMS Bahamas, Bulk SMS Bahrain, Bulk SMS Bangladesh, Bulk SMS Barbados, Bulk SMS Belgium, Bulk SMS Belize, Bulk SMS Benin, Bulk SMS Bermuda, Bulk SMS Bhutan, Bulk SMS Bolivia, Bulk SMS Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulk SMS Botswana, Bulk SMS Belgium, Bulk SMS Brazil, Bulk SMS Brunei Darussalam, Bulk SMS Bulgaria, Bulk SMS Burkina Faso, Bulk SMS Berundi, Bulk SMS Cambodia, Bulk SMS Cameroon, Bulk SMS Canada, Bulk SMS Cape Verde, Bulk SMS Cayman Islands, Bulk SMS Central African Republic, Bulk SMS Chad, Bulk SMS Chile, Bulk SMS China, Bulk SMS Colombia, Bulk SMS Comoros, Bulk SMS Congo, Bulk SMS Cook Islands, Bulk SMS Costa Rica, Bulk SMS Cote D'Ivoire, Bulk SMS Croatia, Bulk SMS Cuba, Bulk SMS Cyprus, Bulk SMS Czech Republic, Bulk SMS Denmark, Bulk SMS Djibouti, Bulk SMS Dominica, Bulk SMS Dominican Republic, Bulk SMS Ecuador, Bulk SMS Egypt, Bulk SMS El Salvador, Bulk SMS Equatorial Guinea, Bulk SMS Estonia, Bulk SMS Ethiopia, Bulk SMS Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Bulk SMS Faroe Islands, Bulk SMS Fiji, Bulk SMS Finland, Bulk SMS France, Bulk SMS French Guiana, Bulk SMS Gabon, Bulk SMS Gambia, Bulk SMS Georgia, Bulk SMS Germany, Bulk SMS Ghana, Bulk SMS Gibraltar, Bulk SMS Greece, Bulk SMS Greenand, Bulk SMS Grenada, Bulk SMS Guadeloupe, Bulk SMS Guatemala, Bulk SMS Guernsey, Bulk SMS Guinea, Bulk SMS Guyana, Bulk SMS Haiti, Bulk SMS Honduras, Bulk SMS Hong Kong, Bulk SMS Hungary, Bulk SMS Iceland, Bulk SMS Indonesia, Bulk SMS Iran, Bulk SMS Iraq, Bulk SMS Ireland, Bulk SMS Isle of Man, Bulk SMS Israel, Bulk SMS Italy, Bulk SMS Jamaica, Bulk SMS Japan, Bulk SMS Jersey, Bulk SMS Jordan, Bulk SMS Kazakhstan, Bulk SMS Kenya, Bulk SMS Korea, Bulk SMS Kuwait, Bulk SMS Kyrgyz Republic, Bulk SMS Laos, Bulk SMS Latvia, Bulk SMS Lebanon, Bulk SMS Lesotho, Bulk SMS Liberia, Bulk SMS Libya, Bulk SMS Liechtenstein, Bulk SMS Lithuania, Bulk SMS Luxembourg, Bulk SMS Macau, Bulk SMS Macedonia, Bulk SMS Madagascar, Bulk SMS Malawi, Bulk SMS Malaysia, Bulk SMS Maldives, Bulk SMS Mali, Bulk SMS Malta, Bulk SMS Martinique, Bulk SMS Mauritania, Bulk SMS Mayotte, Bulk SMS Mexico, Bulk SMS Micronesia, Bulk SMS Moldova, Bulk SMS Monaco, Bulk SMS Mongolia, Bulk SMS Montenegro, Bulk SMS Montserrat, Bulk SMS Morocco, Bulk SMS Mozambique, Bulk SMS Namibia, Bulk SMS Nepal, Bulk SMS Netherlands, Bulk SMS Netherlands Antilles, Bulk SMS New Caledonia, Bulk SMS New Zealand, Bulk SMS Nicaragua, Bulk SMS Niger, Bulk SMS Nigeria, Bulk SMS Norway, Bulk SMS Oman, Bulk SMS Pakistan, Bulk SMS Panama, Bulk SMS Papua New Guinea, Bulk SMS Paraguay, Bulk SMS Peru, Bulk SMS Philippines, Bulk SMS Poland, Bulk SMS Portugal, Bulk SMS Puerto Rico, Bulk SMS Qatar, Bulk SMS Reunion, Bulk SMS Romania, Bulk SMS San Marino, Bulk SMS Saudi Arabia, Bulk SMS Senegal, Bulk SMS Serbia, Bulk SMS Seychelles, Bulk SMS Sierra Leone, Bulk SMS Singapore, Bulk SMS Slovakia, Bulk SMS Slovenia, Bulk SMS Bulk SMS Solomon Islands, Bulk SMS South Africa, Bulk SMS Spain, Bulk SMS Sri Lanka, Bulk SMS Sudan, Bulk SMS Suriname, Bulk SMS Sweden, Bulk SMS Switzerland, Bulk SMS Syria, Bulk SMS Taiwan, Bulk SMS Tajikistan, Bulk SMS Thailand, Bulk SMS Timor-Leste, Bulk SMS Togo, Bulk SMS Trinidad and Tobago, Bulk SMS Tunisia, Bulk SMS Turkey, Bulk SMS Turkmenistan, Bulk SMS Turks and Caicos Islands, Bulk SMS Uganda, Bulk SMS Ukraine, Bulk SMS United Arab Emirates, Bulk SMS United Kingdom, Bulk SMS Uruguay, Bulk SMS Uzbekistan, Bulk SMS Vanuatu, Bulk SMS Venezuela, Bulk SMS Vietnam, Bulk SMS Virgin Islands, British, Bulk SMS Yemen, Bulk SMS Zambia, Bulk SMS Zimbabwe
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